Pursuing Your Career In Social Work

Making a career change can be a major point in anyone's life. For a person that is wanting to move into a career where they can make a positive impact on the lives of others, social work can be a viable option. However, there can be a number of myths about pursuing work in this field.

Myth: Social Workers Will Only Work For Government Agencies And Subcontractors

A prominent misconception about social workers is that they will only be able to work for government agencies and contractors. While there are many social work positions in government, this is not the dominant source of employment for these professions. Rather, there are a number of non-profit organizations that also employ social workers. Furthermore, hospitals can be another common source of employment for these professionals. This is because it is common for these organizations to have patients that may qualify for social assistance or that would otherwise benefit from the services of a social worker.

Myth: There Are No Requirements To Become A Social Workers

Many individuals often greatly underestimate the qualifications that are needed to become a social worker. While some people may assume that these positions require little more than a sense of caring for others, there are strict licensing requirements that these professionals will have to meet. If you are considering entering the social work career path, it is important to review these requirements for your area as well as the type of social work that you are wanting to pursue. Otherwise, you may find that your process of getting a license will take much longer than you had originally expected.

Myth: A Career In Social Working Does Not Offer Advancements

Another mistake that people will make when it comes to a career in social work is assuming that this career path will have very limited options for growth. While this could be an understandable assumption to make, there are many career paths available to individuals that are licensed as social workers. A basic example of this could be those that want to transition into management or administration. Conversely, some may wish to obtain the necessary experience and skills to work with particularly intensive clients. As part of the process of keeping your social work license valid, you will need to meet the continuing education requirements, which can be an excellent opportunity for you to advance your training and skillset to compete for your preferred type of social work career.

For more information, contact a social work licensing program.