Preparing To Re-Take A Driving Test: 3 Strategies To Consider

Whether you let your driver's license expire or your state is requiring you to re-take the driving test to keep your license, there are some strategies you can use to ensure success during the exam while also making you a safer driver. Here are some tips you can use to help you get your license to drive.

Take A Driving Class

Even if you've been driving for years and simply need to take the test because your license expired, taking a driving class is a good idea. Over time, drivers can develop bad habits that can earn negative marks on a driving test. Some examples might be slowing but not stopping at stop signs, crossing the center lane when making a left-hand turn, or changing lanes too close to an intersection. Taking a driving class can help you refresh your driving skills and work to correct the bad habits.

Brush Up On Laws

Over time, the traffic laws can change. You might not even realize your state has enacted new laws since you first took the driving examination. Request a copy of the rules of the road for your state, or look them up online. These guides sometimes also include practice tests for the written examination you can use to prepare for when you take the driving exam. For instance, your state may have a section in the written exam about DUI or DWI laws. If you've never been pulled over for a DUI or DWI, you may not be aware of the current laws in your state, and you may get these questions wrong.

Practice The Road Test

You can practice the road test as part of your driving class, or you can enlist a friend who is a licensed driver to take you on the road for a practice run. Be sure to check with your state to determine if you need to obtain a learner's permit to legally drive before you obtain your new license. Go over the tasks that might typically be included on a road test, such as parallel parking, performing a three-point turn, and making a left-hand turn at a traffic light. Be sure that you are observing all rules of the road when you practice, such as turning into the proper lane. Remember that even slight infractions can result in a mark against you on the driving test.

Be sure to bring a licensed driver with you when you take the driving exam. This person may need to provide proof of insurance for the car you will be driving for the road test, and he or she may need to drive you home if you do not pass the test. For more information, contact a company like Morgan School Of Driving Inc.