Do You Want To Encourage Creativity In Your Preschooler?

Are you yourself an artist? Perhaps you write music, or you are known for the creative meals you prepare for your family and friends. Now that you have a child, maybe you are wanting him or her to follow in your footsteps. From remembering what our parents did to encourage creativity for you while you were little to enrolling your child in a creative preschool, here are some ideas that might help you.

Think Back - Can you remember some of the things that played a part in your creative nature? Perhaps your parents limited things like television so that you would have time to play dress up or to create things out of modeling clay. Add to the things you remember by incorporating ideas of your own that will help to bring creativity into your child's life. For example, instead of buying coloring books, think of buying plain sheets of paper that will make your child think of things that he or she wants to draw and then color.

Also, have plenty of things like crayons, finger paints, markers, and modeling clay available in an area where your child knows that he or she can play with them anytime he or she wants to. If there are younger siblings in the family, encourage your child to share art materials with his or her younger sibling. Just remember to let your child be the one to initiate creative playtime.

Creative Preschool - Have you considered enrolling your child in a preschool that focuses on developing creativity in children? At this the of preschool there will more than likely be many avenues open to your child's creative nature. For example, he or she might be encouraged to make up little songs that name the days of the week or the months of the year. The instructors at a creative preschool will have the training and the experience to know in which areas of art your child might excel.

For example, there might be small musical instruments available for your child to play anytime he or she wants to. The instructor might notice that your child has a special sense of rhythm and that playing the guitar delights him or her. If that is the case, the instructor might help him or her to actually learn how to play specific little songs. If your child seems to be especially good at painting, he or she will more than likely be encouraged to delve into different forms of art.

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