Pursuing Your Career In Social Work

Making a career change can be a major point in anyone's life. For a person that is wanting to move into a career where they can make a positive impact on the lives of others, social work can be a viable option. However, there can be a number of myths about pursuing work in this field. Myth: Social Workers Will Only Work For Government Agencies And Subcontractors A prominent misconception about social workers is that they will only be able to work for government agencies and contractors. [Read More]

Do You Want To Encourage Creativity In Your Preschooler?

Are you yourself an artist? Perhaps you write music, or you are known for the creative meals you prepare for your family and friends. Now that you have a child, maybe you are wanting him or her to follow in your footsteps. From remembering what our parents did to encourage creativity for you while you were little to enrolling your child in a creative preschool, here are some ideas that might help you. [Read More]

Preparing To Re-Take A Driving Test: 3 Strategies To Consider

Whether you let your driver's license expire or your state is requiring you to re-take the driving test to keep your license, there are some strategies you can use to ensure success during the exam while also making you a safer driver. Here are some tips you can use to help you get your license to drive. Take A Driving Class Even if you've been driving for years and simply need to take the test because your license expired, taking a driving class is a good idea. [Read More]

Are You Already Planning Summer Activities For Your Kids?

Even though summer of 2018 seems far away, think of how the time flies. For example, doesn't it feel like just yesterday that you were Christmas shopping and decorating your house for the Christmas season? That's how fast the months are going to fly after Christmas. You'll have just a few months of school, and then summer will be upon you. If you are already planning summer activities for your kids, consider yourself extra smart. [Read More]